Police chiefs, captains named

ALBANY -- The Albany Police Department solidified the chief's inner circle Wednesday by announcing the hiring of a new deputy chief and the promotion of six captains, city officials said.

Capt. Mark Scott, head of the Thomasville Police Department's Support Division, has been selected to serve as one of the department's deputy chiefs.

Serving with the Thomasville Police Department since 1989, Scott currently oversees municipal court, computer systems, evidence, vehicles and equipment, training, crime analysis, accreditation, internal affairs, crime scene investigations, grants, and special projects, according to the department's Web site.

Scott has a bachelor's degree in communications, along with a master's degree in criminal justice from Valdosta State University. He also has a master's degree in public administration from Columbus State, the Web site says.

In addition to police work, Scott teaches sociology at Southwest Georgia Technical College and has been given the department's combat cross and purple heart.

Scott will join current former interim Deputy Chief Nathaniel Clark, who has been promoted to the position on a permanent basis, and Deputy Chief Wilma Griffin to complete Chief John Proctor's inner circle.

To augment the department's management team, five officers were promoted to the rank of captain with one other hired.

Officers Kendra Wilson, Darrin Abner, Benita Childs, Ryan Ward and Reginald Brown were promoted from within the department. Russell Barnes was hired from outside of the department.

Barnes has been the former chief of police of the Sequim Washington Police Department and the Zephyrhills Fla., Police Department and comes with more than 30 years of police experience.

The department's two new hires were picked using a system similar to the one that resulted in the hiring of Proctor earlier this year, City Manager Alfred Lott said.

Using the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, a search was conducted, applications filled and tests administered to determine the viable candidates, Lott said.

"The chiefs are very thorough in their approach and that's why I like to use them," Lott said. "They have helped us find qualified individuals to

help managed the department."