Leesburg man falls to death

SMITHVILLE -- A Leesburg man died Sunday morning after falling 40 feet from a roof, according to Smithville Coroner Ronald Rowe.

Christopher Soto, 18, was carrying tools to relatives across rafters around 10 a.m. Sunday when he lost his footing and fell more than 40 feet, hitting the concrete floor below.

"He was a contractor but he was not working that day," said Chief Artie Gardener of the Smithville Police Department. "He was just getting tools for his relatives, when he slipped."

Gardener said police and EMS arrived at McClesky Mill Inc. on the 100 block of Rhodes Street in Smithville to find Soto conscious but in critical condition.

"His right leg might have been fractured," said Rowe. "He also might have sustained severe head injuries and chest injuries."

Soto was transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for his injuries, where he later died.