Men suffer injuries from attack by young males

ALBANY -- A group of men was attacked Saturday evening in front of their homes, said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department Spokesperson.

Two of the men suffered injuries after being attacked by a group of young males as family members and neighbors tried to stop the attack, said Banks.

She said Fernando Lopez, 24, and Alfredo Lopez, 35, were in front of their home on 100 block of Adams Street when they were approached by a group of young males dressed in dark clothing.

"One of the males asked Fernando for money," said Banks. "When he didn't comply the same black male hit him on the shoulder with a handgun."

Banks said witnesses indicated the blow to Fernando's shoulder knocked him to the ground.

Banks said a struggle took place between the victims and attackers in which Alfredo was hit in the left hand and on the left side of his head by an unknown weapon.

"While he (Alfredo) was struggling with the suspects, he was also injured in the leg," added Banks.

According to his statement to police, Juan Lucas 33, a neighbor of Lopez, went outside to assist his neighbors in fighting of the suspects.

More help arrived when Carlos Lopez, 31, came out of the residence and began to chase the suspects off with a stick.

"While he (Carlos) was chasing them, the suspects fired several shots to scare them (the victims) off," said Banks.

She said one of the rounds went into a residence on the 200 block of Kalmon Avenue.

Banks said APD investigators and EMS arrived on the scene and the victims were treated for their injuries.

"Alfredo was transported to Phoebe for further observation," she said.

Banks said no arrests have been made in connection with this incident, but police are still investigating.