Looking Back Dec. 13


King Camp Gillette (his true given name) patented a safety razor with disposable blades.


Gov. Joseph Terrell signed legislation making it illegal to sell cocaine in Georgia without a prescription from a licensed dentist or doctor.


The Sumter County Commission ordered that electric lights be installed in the county courthouse.

The fall term of the Early County Superior Court was canceled and all jurors discharged due to the influenza epidemic. At that time, the nation had no way of knowing that the disease would claim the lives of at least 850,000 Americans.


Albany's postmaster announced that, for the first time in the history of the U.S. Postal Service, there would be no mail delivered on Christmas Day.


It was this month 82 years ago that country music and the radio joined forces to create the Grand Ole Opry on WSM in Nashville, Tenn. At first, the city's leaders were not enthusiastic as they worried about the image of the city.


A.J. Lippett, chairman of the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues, appointed a committee to look into the feasibility of consolidating the city and county governments, as recommended by the grand jury. Now, 78 years later, consolidation is still being considered.


Three men pretending to have car trouble along the Albany-Leesburg Highway robbed a Tom' s Toasted Peanut Company driver of $119. After the driver stopped to lend aid, he was hit over the back of the head with an automobile crank. The trio escaped in a Model A Ford.


After 13 years of Prohibition, Americans were able to legally drink alcoholic beverages again.


Hickey's Coffee Shop at 236 Pine Ave. had a lunch special for hungry shoppers. The special plate consisted of a choice of a meat, two vegetables, dessert and a drink for 35 cents.


Fire Chief D.W. Brosman called upon citizens of Albany and Dougherty County to volunteer for the Firemen and Fire Watchers Corps of Civilian Defense. Hundreds of volunteers were needed, including women. A basic enrollment form was published in the newspaper.

The Albany Women's Defense Council planned a Christmas dinner for service men. The Council asked for ideas and contributions to make the celebration a success for those far from home as well as those service men that had recently found out that most leaves had been canceled.


Terrell County farmer J.F. Hayes was awarded a total of $750 from the district and state 5-acre cotton growing contests. This prize money would be approximately $7,100 in today's dollars.


The state championship Class AA football game was played between Albany High and Murphy High (Atlanta) at Macon. Round trip fare on the Central of Georgia Railway was $3.37. The Indians lost the game by a score of 13-7.

Albany was designated as the venereal disease treatment center for 25 Southwest Georgia counties. The clinic was open two days a week at the Dougherty County Health Department. Treatment involved only one bicillin injection in most cases, even for syphilis.


Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John" became country music's first million-dollar seller.


Gibson's Discount Center had artificial Christmas trees on sale. A 6-foot Scotch pine or a 7-foot spruce could be purchased for just $9.97.


Tennessee beat Temple in a ball game by the score of 11-6. That score was achieved in an NCAA basketball game.


Due to increasing costs and decreasing revenues, Albany Water Gas & Light dismissed 23 employees just weeks before Christmas with no notice and no severance package. General Manager Walter Rodemann stressed that the terminations were based simply on the "last in, first out" concept.


The Dougherty High Trojans basketball team shot a 50.6 percent from the field and 76.2 percent from the free-throw line, topping Albany High 116-54.


Altered paper money was passed in some Albany convenience stores. Several $1-bills had the corners cut off and replaced with the corners of a 5- or 10-dollar bill. At least three were used before someone noticed the portrait of Georgia Washington and the words , "One Dollar."

Here are a few fun facts about toys to think about when Christmas shopping.

* The first Hot Wheels were produced in 1968.

* Radio Flyer wagons and riding toys are still made in America by a company run by the third generation of the founding Pasin family.

* The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is one of the few telephones on the market that still has a rotary dial. The first of these phones was made in 1962.

* There are 102,981,500 ways to combine six, eight-stud Lego bricks.

* The first Play-Doh was created by Joe McVicker in 1956 from wallpaper paste for his sister's pre-school students.

* The Barbie Doll was introduced in 1959. The first dolls sold for $3 and sold 351,000 the first year. Now, it is estimated that a Barbie is sold at the rate of two dolls per second.

* After about six months on the market, Wham-O had sold 7 million Super Balls at 98 cents each.

* It was 1947 when the first Toys for Tots drive was organized. The need is still there for toys this Christmas.