Floods slam Crisp County

CORDELE -- Homes, vehicles and several roads were flooded during the weekend when Crisp County received approximately 4-3/4 inches of rainfall, said Sheriff Donnie Haralson, who also acts as the county's Emergency Management director.

He said six to eight homes experienced minor flood damage.

"Most of the homes had flooding underneath the homes or in their carports," Haralson said. "We had some vehicles that were flooded as well."

Areas most affected by the rain were areas south of Cordele.

"Several roads were shut down because of water covering the roads," said Haralson.

Among the roads that were closed included Hanna Road, McKenzie Road and U.S. Highway 280.

"We've opened up all the roads now and everyone is back in their homes," Haralson said Monday afternoon. "Public works is currently clearing debris where trees and power lines have fallen."

He said, thankfully, no one was injured by the rising waters this weekend.

"It may not be over yet," Haralson said. "We're expecting more rain throughout the week."

He said he will be working closely with Georgia Emergency Management officials to assess any areas that might have been affected and are preparing for any further action that might be needed with more expected.

"Public works is currently clearing debris where trees have fallen and power lines," Haralson said.

He said the county is hoping that the rain will be light.

"We're praying that we don't get a lot more rain," Haralson said. "We certainly don' t need it."

With the rivers and lakes cresting over their banks from the weekend downpour, Haralson said more rain would only complicate the situation.

"There is nowhere for it to go," he said. "Hopefully, it won't be that bad."