APD handle early morning cases involving handguns

ALBANY -- Gunfire brought Albany Police Department officers to one location and an armed robbery report took them to another in the early morning hours Wednesday, police reports stated.

Residents called emergency dispatch a few seconds after midnight with reports of gunshots heard on the 1000 block of Exeter Road, police reports stated.

While searching the area officers found Jeremy LaMar Sanders, 21,

walking with a book bag in the area, Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman said.

"He looked like he had something in his pocket. They stopped him and patted him down," Banks said. "He had a weapon in his pocket and when officers tried to take it that is when the struggle with two

officers began."

The struggle didn't last long, Banks said. There were no injuries

involved, she added.

The weapon in Sanders' pocket was a .25-caliber pistol, Banks said. After a search of Sanders' bag the officers found marijuana, Banks added. They arrested Sanders and took him to jail.

Sanders remained in Dougherty County Jail with no bail set, a jail spokeswoman said. Sanders faces charges of obstructing an officer, a felony, discharging a gun on a public highway, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Police officers also responded to a 1:30 a.m. armed robbery complaint

involving another handgun, police reports stated.

Justin Silas, 20, reported that he was walking in the Magnolia Street, Gillionville Road area when a red Pontiac with two black males in it pulled up next to him and they demanded money, Banks said.

When Silas said he had none, the men searched him, smashed his cell phone and the man with the handgun hit him, Banks said.

The suspects were described as 6-foot-3 and 5-foot-9 men with medium builds, Banks said.

Anyone with additional information should call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or (229) 431-3288.