Afternoon update: Buie trial update

Don Buie

Don Buie

Broughton testified that she took over ADICA bookkeeping duties in March 2009 from former Albany Tomorrow Inc., accountant Shonnie King.

Broughton told jurors that she had noticed there were several check stubs that had been given to her by King without invoices --- invoices which appeared in her desk drawer after an investigation into alleged financial mismanagement had been launched.

Specifically, Broughton was questioned about public address system rental fees paid to Nicole Brown at the request of Buie for certain events downtown. Broughton testified that while she had seen Brown at the events, she was not aware of any equipment being rented for those events.

On cross examination, defense attorney Johnnie Graham asked Broughton if it was possible if the invoices had been created when Buie asked King to draft the checks prior to Broughton taking on the responsibilities as bookkeeper. She said it was.

Griffin testified that Buie never presented any lease agreements between ADICA, Dougherty County or Dollar Square for approval by the board and had he known that a deal had been worked out for two versions of an agreement that it never would've been approved. Griffin testified that he signed at least two checks from ADICA to Shanon Lee at Buie's request, but that he didn't know that Lee was, in fact, Buie's wife and had he known he wouldn't have.

On cross examination, Graham asked Griffin if he was aware that a skate park near the river was leased to an organization for $1 per year, to which he replied he wasn't sure of the exact amount, but that the advantageous rent was approved by the board as an effort to provide an alternative to area youth for criminal or gang activity.

Earlier Thursday morning, Graham questioned Brown about her connection with Buie and her work for ADICA.

During her testimony, Brown said that Buie had texted her at the end of their romantic relationship telling her he was partying at a strip club in Atlanta with the owner of the Sweet Pea Boutique --another downtown business -- and the owners of the Southwest Georgia Wildcats.

Buie, at the time, was negotiating the contract for the city of Albany with the principals of the Wildcats.

Chipping away at Brown's credibility in front of the jury, Graham questioned Brown about several inconsistent statements she had made in an affidavit taken by ADICA board member and local attorney Phil Cannon, a recantation affidavit she says was dictated to her by Buie, and her sworn statements to the GBI.

Testimony is set to resume at the Dougherty County Courthouse at 1:30 p.m.