Albany woman dies in crash

ALBANY -- A woman died from injuries received after the car she was riding in crashed into a tree on the 2200 block of West Gordon Avenue at about 6 a.m. Friday.

Mary Frances Jones, 66, was declared dead at Phoebe Memorial Hospital at about 6:45 a.m., said Steve Butler, Albany Police Department spokesman.

The driver, husband 68-year-old Edward Jones, was released from the hospital Friday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The couple had not been belted in their blue 1987 S10 pickup when the truck slid on the rain-slicked road into a tree trunk, a police report stated. No information about any charges in connection with the crash was immediately available.

"A large oak tree split had previously fallen from a holding pond on the south side of the road," Butler said. "The tree was lying across the road in a dark area."

Edward Jones saw the tree and hit the brakes, the police report stated. The pickup slipped several feet on the road and smashed into the tree trunk, the report added.

Mary Jones suffered fatal injuries when her head hit the windshield and her chin struck the dashboard, the police report continued.