APD honors civilian and sworn employees

Photo by Barry Levine

Photo by Barry Levine

ALBANY -- It wasn't just the front line officers that received accolades at a Friday Albany Police Department lunch -- those who work behind the scenes got their due also.

"The award winners were nominated by their peers and their supervisors," Police Chief John Proctor said. "We honor the officer of the year in January or February, but these officers and the civilian staff are instrumental to our success."

Sworn officers from the East, Central and West districts along with a Gang Task Force corporal received awards for their contributions to the force.

-- East: Marc Kjellin

-- Central: Jerry Franklin

-- West: Jarda Bradford

-- Gang Task Force: Ryan Jenkins

The civilian workers, whom Proctor called the backbone of the force, appreciated his good words and their awards.

"It feels great to be honored and recognized for my dedication," said Gwen Broughton, who got a "beyond the call of duty" citation with her support services award. "I really appreciate it."

Other civilian awards recipients were:

-- Investigation Division Award: Valsia Oliver-Goolsby

-- Investigative Service Standard Award: Gigi Smith

-- Administrative Division Award: Sebrena Haywood

-- Commander and Chief Award: Bernee Williams

"All of the award winners have consistently provided services to their community," Proctor said. "A short synopsis of their contributions does not do them justice."