For more than 50 years, Walter Flint's yard at 615 W. Third Ave. has featured Santa in a convertible, all aglow. For more than 50 years, Walter Flint's yard at 615 W. Third Ave. has featured Santa in a convertible, all aglow.

ALBANY -- With the Christmas season in full swing, driving through town to look at displays of festive lights is an activity that only costs the price of gas and is a steadfast tradition among many Southwest Georgians. With that in mind, below is a partial listing of Yuletide vistas in the Albany and Leesburg areas.

* 4820 Millbrooke Road, Albany. This holiday light show at the home of Darlene Pino features animated lights to music, which can be heard when you tune your car radio to 88.3 FM on your car radio when approaching the display, with thousands of lights programmed to dance to the music.

An annual display, this year's theme is "Charlie Brown Christmas and Snoopy," with Peanuts characters ice skating. The show also includes a 22-foot tall animated Christmas tree.

The show is held 6 p.m.-10 p.m. nightly, weather permitting. It can also be viewed online at or and search for Darlene Pino.

* 1098 Storey Road, Albany. The home of Ronnie Johnson boasts a Yuletide display of 100,000 lights run on 300 computerized circuits that dance to Christmas music, which can be heard on 105.1 FM on your car radio as you approach the display.

The event also sports a donation box, from which proceeds will benefit Liberty House and Feed the Hungry.

This show, which is in its 15th year, is held 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday through Jan. 1, weather permitting.

* 615 West Third Ave., Albany. At the home of Walter Flint, this display, which has a five-decade history in the Good Life City, includes Santa Claus waving as he sits in a convertible outlined by radio lights, which also outline Flint's home.

* 10 Fourth Ave. and 1203, 1205, 1207, 1211 North McKinley St., Albany. This row of houses near Albany's Garden District sports a winter wonderland, with lights hanging from trees and outlining laws, both in white and multiple colors. The festive block also includes displays of Santa Claus, bears, Christmas trees and Nativity scenes.

* 1009 Westview Drive, Albany. Located off Radium Springs Road, the home of Judy and Jimmy Bradshaw features a Christmas display with Santa Claus in his sleigh, pulled by his eight reindeer.

* 2015 Murray Hill Lane, Albany. The home of Samuel and Betty Foster features the couple sitting on the porch each night, dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus amid a decorated yard filled with Christmas lights.

* 1441 South Mock Road, Albany. Chris Quinn's home is bedecked with a vintage F-12 tractor from the 1930s with Santa Claus in the seat and reindeer ready to help the jolly old elf plant a row.

* 1149 Benjamin Ave., Albany. The home of James and Helen Weaver sports a light-filled Christmas display.

* 144 Broad Leaf Drive, Albany. Herb Kimbrell's home celebrates the holiday season with a yard sporting a light-filled Christmas display.

* 187 Jarrett Drive, Leesburg. This home of Jennifer LaCosta is outlined with ice cycle lights with green on the roof. Plus, all of the yard's bushes and trees are lit up with a spate of lights. To make the scene complete, Santa Claus and a snowman display stand a merry vigil.

* 199 Starksville Ave., Leesburg. The home of Jennifer Walter is also framed with colorful Christmas lights, which also illuminate bushes in the yard.

* 1626 Georgia Highway 32 East, Leesburg. This home of Marilyn Dye, which is almost to Philema Road puts Southwest Georgians in the Christmas spirit with eight-foot tall candy canes and inflatable displays of carolers, M&Ms and Noah's ark. Plus, the yard's bushes are shine with festive lights.

* 198 Mayfield Drive, Leesburg. This home owned by Pam Rogers, which is located just off U.S. Highway 19, boasts a display of Santa Claus guiding his sleigh and reindeer, as well as a yard bright with numerous Christmas lights.

* 105 Sterling Drive, Leesburg. Located in the Hickory Grove subdivision, the home of Ken and Marci Turner gives a whimsical wink to the Christmas season with numerous festive displays, including deer and inflatable alligators, as well as lights to bright the holiday night.