Kitchen Inspections 12/20

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty County Environmental Health Office Dec. 10-15.

The department scores on a 100-point scale with a score of 80 or greater considered to be passing.

Businesses and Agencies inspected are required to post score sheets where the public can see them. To contact the health office, call (229) 438-3943.


Alice B. Coachman, 1425 Oakridge Drive

Score: 88

Notes: Observed beef in walk-in cooler not properly cooled in time -- beef cooled in large pans not providing proper cooling times.

Carmike Cinemas, 2823 Nottingham Way

Score: 90

Notes: Observed ice stored uncovered -- mold buildup on interior of ice machine -- no permit displayed -- unshielded lights in kitchen.

Dairy Queen, 1804 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 95

Notes: Observed wiping cloths not strong enough -- single use containers reused for food items.

Jamaica Cuisine, 1421 N. Jefferson St.

Score: 92

Notes: Observed no certified food manager for establishment -- food scoop not stored with handle up -- gaskets with slimy/mold-like build up -- no lid on trash can in food prep area.

Southern Elegance Catering, 407 Flint Avenue

Score: 100


Carter's Banquet Facilities, 317 Highland Avenue

Score: 95

Notes: Observed food-contact surfaces no cleaned between uses -- no soap or paper towels provided in employee restrooms -- soiled floors in kitchen.

Carters Grill, 321 W. Highland

Score: 89

Notes: Observed torn packages of food exposing the contents to contamination -- equipment and utensils not washed in correct order in three compartment sink.


Burger King, 2007 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 94

Notes: Observed torn packages of food exposing the contents to contatimation in walk in cooler -- equipment and utensils not properly air dried before stacking.

Deerfield Windsor, 1733 Beattie Road

Score: 100

Doublegate Country Club, 3800 Old Dawson Road

Score: 94

Notes: Observed packages of food stored uncovered in walk in cooler.

Southside Middle School, 1615 Newton Road

Score: 97

Notes: Observed wiping cloths stored on counter and in sanitizing bucket.

St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 801 Swift Avenue

Score: 92

Notes: Observed leaking pipe at plumbing fixture at two compartment sink.


Live Oak Elementary, 4529 Gillionville Road

Score: 97

Notes: Observed wiping cloths stored on counter.

Northside Elementary, 901 14th Street

Score: 95

Notes: Observed dust buildup on fume hood -- walk in cooler floor is rusted and needs repairing.

Ole Times Catering/Miller Brewing, 405 Cordele Road

Score: 92

Notes: Observed mold inside ice bin -- processed ready to eat, potentially hazardous food.

Sherwood Upper Campus, 1418 Old Pretoria Road

Score: 100

Strolling Burger & BBQ, 911 N. Slappey Blvd.

Score: 100