Kellerman's 'True Detectives' leaves you guessing

It has been a while since I picked up a Jonathan Kellerman book.

Jonathan's wife, Faye, also writes mysteries and they have written a couple books together. Most of you Kellerman fans remember his main character is Alex Delaware, found in 24 novels over the last 24 years.

This book, "True Detectives," is different. The two main characters are brothers from the same mom who is still alive. She had married a cop, had a child and when her husband died, she married another cop and had another child. The brothers Aaron Fox and Moses Reed end up being cops also, but like so many brothers in blended families, they drift apart to the point that they even try to visit Mom at different times.

Aaron finally leaves the force and becomes a P.I. and is doing very, very well financially. He drives a Porsche and lives quite nicely. His closet is 20-by-18, featuring double tier racks for his vast array of high priced suits, jackets and slacks arranged by their different hues.

Ringing the entire closet are shelves that display equally expensive shoes, each pair in a clear plastic container.

One of Aaron's wealthy clients wants him to find the missing daughter of one of his key employees. As Aaron starts digging into the history of the missing girl, Caitlin Fostig, he runs into his brother, now a homicide detective who has been moved to a different area of Los Angeles. Aaron learns that his brother has been given the same assignment to solve the cold case of Caitlin. When Caitlin went missing a year and a half ago, her boyfriend, Rory Stoltz was interviewed by Moses who didn't believe him to be involved in Caitlin's disappearance. Aaron suggests that they work together, but Moses really doesn't want any help from his brother.

When Moses reluctantly shares info with Aaron, they soon learn that there have been other disappearances from the same club that Caitlin had disappeared from. One of these disappearances is of a very beautiful girl and her very young baby. What happened to them? Are they connected to Caitlin's disappearance?

Now Jonathan weaves into the story all the bad side of Hollywood. We see it in the tabloids and television almost every day -- people being tempted by all the easy money and availability of drugs, willing to do anything just to get recognized so they can start their rise to fame in the movie industry. Next Jonathan brings in the mega church Hollywood style where the couple leading the church wants to develop a church retreat in the remote hills next to their multi-acre gated home.

It was good to see Jonathon slowly bring Aaron and Moses together in the last part of the book.

I was never able to predict where Jonathan's next page would lead me, and that led me to a couple of nights reading late and then rising early the next day. When you read this book, maybe you will do better than I did in predicting the outcome.

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