Part of Senah Plantation sold

LEESBURG -- A portion of Senah Plantation was auctioned Friday to seven different purchasers and its acreage divided, auction officials say.

The section was cut from the larger Senah Plantation, which encompasses 13,000 acres.

On Friday, seven purchasers -- some out of state -- walked away with 25 parcels, Rowell Auctions spokesperson David Hart said.

"We were well pleased with the turnout," Hart said. "Obviously this is a remarkable property and I think that the tracts were sized so that even the smaller investors could have access to it."

All of the agreements were still under contract and deeds had not been passed, but it marked the first time in 25-30 years that part of the plantation had been auctioned, Hart said.

The plantation is known throughout the area as a premier hunting and fishing plantation. It was originally purchased by Jim Hanes, the founder of Hanes Underwear, who reversed his name in naming the plantation.

The current owner, Jay Williams, bought it from Hanes' grandchildren in the 1980s.