Albany-Dougherty rakes in stimulus money for transportation

Photo by Bill Strickland

Photo by Bill Strickland

ALBANY -- The city of Albany and Dougherty County have received confirmation that the state is awarding them more than $14.7 million in federal stimulus dollars for transportation, which is the largest award given under the latest round of funding.

In total, Gov. Sonny Perdue certified more than $66 million in stimulus projects related to transportation.

In Albany and Dougherty County, millions of dollars are set to flow into projects such the installation of turn lanes on Georgia Highway 300 from the Mitchell County line through Dougherty County to Worth County and the resurfacing of West Oakridge Drive from Old Pretoria Road to Lockett Station Drive.

Bryan and Chatham County received the only amount close to Dougherty County's at $14.5 million. All other projects were less than $2 million, according to the Governor's Office.

"This is just amazing," Assistant City Manager Wes Smith, who has been in charge of stimulus funding for the city, said today. "The fact that a large portion of this money is flowing not only into Dougherty County but to other counties in the region is good news and I think it shows that we're a priority for the folks in Atlanta."

Tuesday's grant will bring the total stimulus awards for Albany and Dougherty County to $47 million, Smith said, with at least another $16 million under consideration.

Neighboring counties faired well under today's announcement as well.

In Lee County, two projects were approved, totaling more than $600,000 in resurfacing and maintenance for Pinewood Road and North Philema Road.

Worth County picked up a $407,000 project that will resurface Phillip Causey Road from Highway 33 to Sumner Road.

More than $754,000 is headed to Baker County to resurface Old Pretoria Road from Highway 91 to the Dougherty County line.

Mitchell County is set to receive $750,000 to resurface River Road from Highway 65 to Slash Road.

Miller will also receive $370,000 to resurface Grady Cobb Road from Shingler Road to Three Notch Road.

In total, Southwest Georgia is set to receive a total of $19.3 million from the latest stimulus amount.