NOON UPDATE: Law enforcement swarm Pelham

Photo by Bill Strickland

Photo by Bill Strickland

Six Pelham men have been identified as among the more than 15 drug suspects that federal, state and local law enforcement officials were rounding up today in Pelham.

The roundup comes on the heels of a four-month investigation targeting upper-level drug dealers, Pelham Police Chief Nealie McCormick said today.

Identified in indictments in U.S. District Court in Albany were Joshua Griffin, Dexter Griffin and Desmond Crimley, who were each wanted on a charge of possession of crack coaine with intent to distribute in a single federal indictment.

Denerick Brown was wanted for possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute in a separate indictment.

Also, Treneavius Arline and Kenneth Dewayne "Keith" Cooper were wanted in separate indictments for a charge each of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine within 1,000 feet of public housing.

Part of Operation Secure Tommorow, Today's operation involved members of the FBI, U.S. Marshal's Service, the Georgia National Guard, GBI, Pelham and Camilla Police Department's, the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies around South Georgia including Lanier County and Thomas County drug agencies, he said.

At least six of those arrested are being transfered into federal custody by the Marshal's service and will be seen before a U.S. Magistrate in Albany.

"The drug problem in Pelham is no worse than anywhere else, but any drug problem is too much," McCormick said. "We have an obligation to keep our streets safe and this is one effort to accomplish that."