Police update Cromartie shooting

ALBANY -- Detectives with the Albany Police Department said Thursday afternoon that Antwan "Taye" Smith, 19, and Kwasi Hobbs, 22, are charged with two counts of armed robbery and aggravated assault each for their involvement with the attempted armed robbery of two men this past Tuesday evening.

Investigators said that Rodriquez Anderson, 16, was fatally wounded when he engaged in a shoot-out with two men when he and another male attempted to rob them Tuesday evening on Cromartie Beach Drive.

According to Detective Schemika Foster, Hobbs turned himself into police at the Law Enforcement Center late Wednesday. Smith turned himself in at 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

"They cooperated with the detective to the best of their ability," she said. "The information we received from interviews will be used during our continuing investigation."

Foster said that details about the case are still being withheld as detectives continue the investigation.

"We want to thank the community and that family members of the suspects for their efforts and help in this investigation," she said.

Foster said that the family members and friends of Hobbs and Smith were essential in convincing the men to turn themselves over to police.

Detective Terrence Whitlock said that investigators do not have any other suspects at this time.

"We have no information to suggest that there is anyone else involved in this incident," he said.

According to police, the conflict began when Anderson and another male approached Earl Franklin Price Jr., 37, Carl Tabensky Davis, 32, and others who were getting out of their cars at a home on Cromartie Beach Drive Tuesday evening and attempted to rob them at gunpoint.

More than 10 shots were exchanged between the victims and the suspects in which Anderson was wounded and later collapsed from his wounds in the bushes in front of the Beacon of Light Church at 1512 Cromartie Beach Drive, police said.

Detectives said Thursday that is still unknown which victim fired the shot that fatally wounded Anderson.

"The autopsy will be able to tell us that," said Whitlock. "The autopsy was performed today and we are still waiting on the results."

Detectives said they are still investigating to see if Price will be able to produce a permit for the handgun used in the altercation. Davis was able to produce a permit for his handgun for police.

Foster said that the Albany Police Department does not entertain public notions of vigilantism, but stressed the public's need to be cautious during the holiday season.

"They (robberies) are more likely to increase with the surrounding opportunities," she said. "People need to be aware."

Whitlock said that the public does have a right to defend themselves from attackers, but stressed the importance of doing that legally.

"If you buy a handgun make sure you get a permit," he said.