Weaver trial to continue

ALBANY -- The trial for a man accused of defrauding a local cellular phone company of nearly $500,000 through phony invoices for work never done had been temporarily suspended and will resume next week, prosecutors say.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said that the trial was halted by Chief Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette after a death in the judge's family. The trial is expected to resume Tuesday, Edwards said.

Christopher Weaver is named in a 40-count indictment that alleges a complex scheme to defraud Alltel Communications along with its vice-president ,Jim "Jimbo" Adams Jr., through the submission of phony invoices for the installation of hands-free Alltel devices into the vehicles of customers, in exchange for a 10 percent kickback for


The indictment contends that that Adams entered into an agreement in 2000 with Weaver's company, On-Site Communications, to install the equipment, as well as an agreement to invoice work not done, so long as Adams received a 10 percent kickback.

In 2001, the first year of the agreement, the indictment alleges that Weaver billed Adams for $321,000 in work, with $74,000 for work never done.

In 2002, Weaver is alleged to have submitted $489,000 worth of invoices to Adams, including $199,000 for work never done.

In November 2002, the indictment contends that Adams demanded $20,000 in cash and a vehicle owned by Weaver in exchange for continuing the agreement between Alltel and On-Site Communications.

In 2003, Weaver billed Alltel for $589,000 in invoices with $198,000 for work that wasn't performed, the indictment alleges.

In December 2003, Adams, with the assistance of others, formed South Georgia Wireless based in Shellman and opened a line of credit worth $75,000, the indictment states.

In January 2004, Adams, as a representative of Alltel Wireless, is believed to have entered into an agreement with South Georgia Wireless, his company, to be the sole installer of hands-free devices into the vehicles of Alltel customers, the indictment states.