Jury to decide home invasion-style case

ALBANY -- Charged with 19 felony counts including many for armed robbery and aggravated assault, Kelvin Sloan, 37, will have his case go to a jury today.

Charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault carry sentences of up to 20 years in prison.

The jury of nine women and five men, including two alternate jurors, is expected to listen to closing arguments from the prosecution and defense lawyers at 10 a.m. Two alternates will be excused and 12 jurors will decide Sloan's fate.

Sloan was charged in connection with a series of robberies on North Cleveland Street, Stuart Avenue and Regina Road, Albany Police Department officers have said.

Many of the robberies involved Sloan or his accomplices restraining victims with duct tape and then stealing electronics, detectives said during the investigation.

Defense attorney Jim Finkelstein rested his case at 3:55 p.m. Tuesday before Dougherty judicial Circuit Court Judge Denise Marshall.

After Marshall questioned him about his rights and his decision to not testify in his own behalf, Sloan said he was certain of his decision.

The jury cannot hold the decision against him, Marshall said. She will charge the jury as to the law and how it applies in the case after closing arguments.