Marine base to reopen Exchange, renovated facilities

MCLB-ALBANY -- Three renovated facilities at Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany are scheduled to reopen. Combined renovation costs for the three projects was just under $6.9 million, with the biggest project being the Marine Corps Exchange.

This afternoon, the senior noncommissioned officers club, renovated at a cost of $85,000, will reopen.

Thursday morning, the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX), which serves thousands of active duty and retired military personnel in the region, will reopen. The renovations to the MCX cost $6.4-million. Miss Georgia and local civic leaders are scheduled to be in attendance at that ceremony.

On Friday afternoon, the base bowling alley,, renovated at a cost of $400,000, will reopen.

Base officials say each of the projects were funded with money from non-appropriated funds and no tax dollars were used.