Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

Miller County (9-2) at Savannah Christian (11-0)

SEED: Miller County, Region 1, No. 2; Savannah Christian, Region 3, No. 1

When/Where: 7:30 p.m., today, Savannah

Difference Makers: Miller County linebacker Cosby Salter must be disruptive up front for the Pirates against the power running game of the Raiders. Savannah fullback Chris Barnwell ran 34 times for 188 yards in the first-round victory against Irwin County and if he can be effective again, it could be a long, painful night for the Pirates.

Analysis: This game will be won in the trenches. If Miller's defense can slow the option offense of Savannah, then they have a shot against the No. 2 ranked team in Class A. The Miller offense has come alive of late and will need star rusher Shawndre Sheffield to break at least one run for a touchdown.

If win: Miller County would either host Lincoln County (10-1) or have a coin flip to decide the location of a game against Eagles Landing Christian Academy (9-2).


Briarwood (8-3) at Terrell Academy (9-2)

SEED: Terrell Academy, GISA Region 2-A No. 1; Briarwood Academy, GISA Region 1-A No. 2

When/Where: 7:30 p.m., today, Dawson.

Difference Makers: Terrell's Cole Byrd does it all in the spread option, forcing opponents to key on his running and catching abilities. Briarwood's Matthew McElveen is the breakaway back in the Bucs' wishbone attack with more than 1,500 rushing yards, but Michael Kent and Trey Stadler have also combined for nearly 1,400 yards on the ground.

Analysis: The Eagles have home field advantage throughout the playoffs and haven't lost to a Class A team in Dawson in more than two years. The Eagles' quick-strike offense will keep any defense on its heels and will force Briarwood's grind-it-out offense to be turnover free.

If win: Terrell would host the GISA Class A state title next Friday against the Thomas Jefferson-Fullington winner. Terrell beat Thomas Jefferson in the state title game last year and defeated Fullington, 35-8, earlier this year.


SGA (10-2) at Brentwood (9-2)

SEED: SGA, GISA Region 3, No. 2; Brentwood, Region 1, No. 1

When/Where: 7:30 p.m., today, Sandersville.

Difference Makers: Southwest Georgia's Taylor Tabb broke out for three touchdowns last week and is the dual threat that burns teams focusing on Nile Knapp and his 2,000-plus yards. SGA coach David Bell calls this a team "without any superstars. They are balanced. They don't do anything but win."

Analysis: Brentwood has victories against Tiftarea in Round 1 (SGA beat Tiftarea by nine earlier in the year) and also beat Edmund Burke (which knocked out SCA last week). That's reason enough to believe if SGA doesn't play its best game, they can see the season end in Sandersville.

If win: SGA will host the Class AA state championship game in Damascus against the winner of Edmund Burke and Memorial Day.


Pinecrest (11-1) at Deerfield-Windsor (11-2)

SEED: Pinecrest, GISA Region 1, No. 1, DWS Region 3, No. 1

When/Where: 7:30 p.m., today, Albany.

Difference Makers: Deerfield-Windsor WR Reggie Brown returns from his one-game suspension today. With a physical Pinecrest defense, Brown could be able to hit some big plays over the top. The Pinecrest offensive and defensive lines will decide if this game is close or a DWS joyride to the title game. The Paladins have pushed people around all year and if they can't do it tonight, they will be in trouble.

Analysis: The Paladins don't have any secrets, they will not be throwing the ball more than once or twice in the game. They plan to attempt to line up and bully the Knights with 8-10 minute drives. If DWS stops those drives shy of touchdowns, they should be able to keep up the 40-point scoring average in the playoffs.

If win: Deerfield-Windsor will either host the state championship game against George Walton or travel to play at Tattnall Square in search of back-to-back state titles.