Georgia Power to lower lake levels for repairs

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY -- Georgia Power announced that it will conduct a controlled drawdown of Lakes Chehaw and Worth beginning Sunday.

Officials with Georgia Power said the lakes' waters will be lowered to allow for maintenance on the Flint River Hydro Project.

Steve Green, operations team leader at Georgia Power Plant Mitchell, said the drawdown will last between one and two weeks, and officials hope to lower the water by 10 feet.

"We are lowering the lake to repair the headgates," he said.

Green said headgates control the waters and can be separated into units within the dam.

"One of our headgates is leaking," he said. "The headgate is used to separate the water so that we can perform maintenance. Basically, we have to perform maintenance on the headgate first and then fix the other problems."

Green said that men will be working 10-hour days in order to complete the maintenance on the headgate.

Georgia Power encourages residents who live on Lakes Chehaw and Worth to secure their boats during the drawdown.

Green said that anyone wishing to take this time when the lakes are low to perform their own maintenance to boats or docks should contact Georgia Power's Bartletts Ferry Land Management Office at (706) 317-6061.

"We are going to try and complete this as soon as possible," added Green.