GISA CLASS AAA STATE TITLE GAME: Knights tracking legacy

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

ALBANY -- Never before have the Deerfield-Windsor Knights won back-to-back state championships in football. When they take to Webb Memorial Field on Friday night against George Walton, however, they will be attempting to do just that.

For a small group of eight seniors approaching their final game, the imprint a victory could have on the face of DWS athletics is not lost.

"I think about that pretty often," said fullback/lineman Quinton Adkins.

Adkins then added: "Man, we could be the first team in Deerfield history to win back-to-back state championships (in football). That would be something very good to leave behind. The picture of us won't ever leave people's faces."

The season following the Knights' previous state championship in 2002, they finished with a 10-4 record and lost in the state quarterfinal.

Returning to the state championship game for the second consecutive season didn't come easy with so many new players stepping into starting positions. But now that DWS has its shot at another ring, it's easy to think about what this streak could become for the Knights. With 45 players returning next year, the fun could just be beginning.

But coach Allen Lowe won't let his team or himself think about anything but George Walton right now.

"Human nature is always to think about all those kinds of things," said Lowe, who has run off eight consecutive non-losing seasons since returning as head coach in 2001. "For this point in time it is about this group of kids.

"Even though we were here last year, I can't say half of these kids were a part of it because they weren't. This is about this year, this time, their moment. It is about their memories. Yes, when we get done Friday night, we will probably go talking about the next year. But we have a great group of seniors we want to walk off the field winners."