ASU signs agreement with Andrew

ALBANY -- Presidents of Albany State University and Andrew College entered into an agreement Thursday that will make it easier for graduates of Andrew College with an associate degree in business administration to transition into one of six bachelor degree majors at Albany State University.

ASU President Everette Freeman and Andrew College President David Seyle signed an articulation document during a news conference Thursday at ASU and spoke about the institutions new partnership.

"This is a great fit," said Freeman. "Both ASU and Andrew College will greatly benefit from this partnership."

Freeman said he was honored to be working with Andrew College, calling the institution ASU's "big sister" and applauded the college's long history of providing higher education opportunities to underserved areas.

Seyle said that ASU approached the college about a partnership for business students when learning that Andrew College had similar agreements with other area institutions.

"This is a great opportunity for all of us," he said. The partnership with Albany State is a bridge to a bachelor's degree that will encourage Andrew College students by providing a seamless transition into the Albany State business program," he said.

Freeman said that the "unsung heroes" of the partnership were Andrew College Academic Dean Jason Goodner and ASU Vice President for Academic Affairs Abiodun Ojemakinde who worked together on the terms of the agreement.

"For lack of a better phrase, this articulation agreement was a piece of a cake," Goodner said. "When our students take a look at ASU and decide to attend we know that they will have the best education possible."

Ojemakinde said that graduates from Andrew College will not suffer from any loss of credit when they transition to ASU.

"The goal was to make it easier on students to transfer easier and now it is seamless," he said.

Seyle said that both institutions plan to keep their partnership going by developing other articulation agreements in ASU's Colleges of arts and humanities, education and science and health professions.

"This just the first of a series of agreements," he said.

Freeman said that under the agreement, the ASU Bachelor of Science degree in business is open to Andrew College students with an associate degree in business administration and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.25. Six ASU business majors are available: business management, health care management, accounting, business information technology systems, marketing, and supply chain and logistics management.

Andrew College, located in Cuthbert, is a private two-year liberal arts college related to the United Methodist Church with approximately 230 students.