'Natural causes' cited in bicycle rider's death

ALBANY -- A heart attack caused the death of George Tsiklistas, 71, of Albany while he was bicycling Tuesday, said Dougherty County Deputy Coroner Nathaniel Godwin.

"According to the autopsy report from the GBI crime lab in Atlanta, he died of an MI (Myocardial Infarction), a heart attack," Godwin said. "His arteries were hard, and blood couldn't get through."

Tsiklistas was on his bicycle when he collapsed and died from the heart attack on the 1900 block of Gail Avenue, Albany Police Department officials said.

Area residents were used to seeing Tsiklistas on his red bicycle, said neighbor Barbara Glover. Her sadness at the death showed in her concern for the family at the scene.

Glover brought fleece throws from her home for Bessie Andros, Tsiklistas' sister-in-law, to wrap around her shoulders against the evening chill.

"She's in shock about this. We always saw him riding up and down the block a lot," Glover said at the time. "I'm just trying to do what I can to help them. I wish I could do more."