The Love Dare Wedding Edition is now available

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- Just in time for wedding season, Alex and Stephen Kendrick's "The Love Dare Day by Day: Wedding Edition" published by B&H Publishing Group is now available.

The newest edition of the popular "The Love Dare" series of books published by the Albany authors is a daily devotional of a year's worth of challenges designed for married couples, particularly newlyweds.

The book aims to give new couples a fresh start in cementing their marriage with a strong foundation and understanding of what it truly means to love.

"The Love Dare Day by Day: Wedding Edition" follows the same structure as "The Love Dare" and "The Love Dare Day by Day" also authored by the Kendrick brothers.

"We released "The Love Dare Day by Day" in December and B&H noticed that this would apply really well to newlyweds and so we decided to publish this wedding edition," said co-author Stephen Kendrick during a phone interview with The Herald.

The Wedding Edition features extended features that promote communication between spouses such as an appendix titled "Twenty Questions for your Spouse".

"We have tried to include things they (couples) can do to start their first year off right. We even included in the book a list of do's and don'ts during the first year of marriage," said Kendrick.

With 50 percent of all U.S. marriages projected to end in divorce, Kendrick said that he hopes that the wedding edition will give couple's the guidance they need to build their marriage on a strong foundation of love.

"People are really applying it to their lives and it is making an impact. I would be thrilled if a generation of people would be able to raise a family where the children see their parents deeply in love and married," said Kendrick.

"The Love Dare" book is central to the plot of Sherwood Pictures' 2008 hit "Fireproof", in which an Albany firefighter decides to take on a 40-day challenge called "The Love Dare" in order to save his failing marriage.

Alex Kendrick is an associate media pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church, while his brother, Stephen Kendrick, serves as the church's associate pastor of prayer. Both brothers helped establish Sherwood Pictures in 2003 and have directed, produced and co-written each of

its films: "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants", and "Fireproof."

The wedding edition of "The Love Dare Day by Day" is currently available at many local retailers such as Lifeway Christian Stores and Books-A-Million for $29.99.