Census phone number available

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY -- Census forms are out and, with the deadline to send in information just a few days away, census officials say individuals can now phone in information and avoid a house call from a census worker.

Albany is already above its participation rate from 2000 at nearly 65 percent, but with the April 17 deadline looming, census officials and volunteers are unveiling a new way to reach hard-to-count populations -- (866) 872-6868.

"The number is to aid those who either didn't get a form or, for whatever reason, didn't send one in," Albany-Dougherty Complete Count Chair Mike McCoy said. "It's just another tool to promote an accurate count which benefits us all."

McCoy said the number is just another way the government is trying to make participating in the census easier for everyone.

In total, the government is providing seven different numbers for various languages. For persons who speak Spanish, the number is (866) 928-2010.

McCoy also said that anyone who has not received a form can get one at several Questionnaire Assistance Centers across the city. They can also have their information collected at the centers.

If forms aren't mailed by April 17, census workers will come to houses where there hasn't been a response and collect information manually.

The best way to avoid that, McCoy says, is to mail in the form as soon as possible or call the toll-free number.