State 4-H looks saved, County approves Small Business Program

Photo by Heather Watson

Photo by Heather Watson

The program was in jeopardy after the board of regents presented their budget proposal to the governor last month. The decision to cut 4-H sparked outrage statewide which spread through school agriculture programs and online social networking sites alike.

Interim Dougherty County Extension Agent Jason Morgan told Dougherty County Commissioners Monday that, for the time being, "it looks like 4-H is off the chopping block."

The final state budget has yet to be adopted by the General Assembly.

In other local action, the commission voted 5-2 to reverse a decision last month and adopt a proposal creating a program designed to benefit small businesses.

The vote comes more than nine months after the county disbanded its Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization office following a recommendation from a disparity study showed that they should abandon race and gender conscious programs.

Instead, they opted Monday in a 4-3 vote to adopt a program that gives preference to businesses who are certified as small businesses based largely on their geographic location and their income levels to county bidding projects.

The move reverses the commission's decision last month to adopt no such program and instead reverted back to a concept of lowest and best bid.