Concentrate on the positives in life leave the negatives behind

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Even if your financial bank account leaves much to be desired, you have to remember to make plenty of deposits into your "self-bank" account.

A little over two years ago, I talked about balancing giving with receiving so that you are not left drained and void. Today, however, I wanted to revisit that concept, but from a slightly different perspective.

When times are difficult, what becomes easy to do is to focus on all that is wrong and causing you to feel discouraged. More often than not, we give so much energy to what we don't want that we never take the time to talk about the things that we do. This is the process of adding to an account with a negative balance by making deposits of positive speaking and thinking.

It is important that you deposit encouragement and optimism into your self-bank account. You must make it your intention to put your attention on how you want things to be, rather than on how they appear at the moment. Otherwise, you will wipe yourself out. That is what a negative and cynical outlook will do to you. It causes you to feel down and agitated which probably means that you snap at everyone around you and, then, you continue on through each day with no peace. It leaves you without balance.

Here are five things you can do to replenish your self-bank account to make sure that you don't find your balance low or in the negative.

1. Remember the lesson on gratitude. Being grateful for all of the little "goods" in your life dramatically shifts your energy and mood. Consequently, you summon more good unto yourself. When you are tempted to become upset and frustrated, remember to take a moment to stop, take a deep a breath, and utter the words "Thank you." It will help you to get back on track and add to your balance.

2. Exercise your faith. Faith is like an intangible muscle that requires us to do something consistently-believe. So, when you are uttering your "thank yous", you are strength training. Think of each "thank you" as one repetition and the more that you show gratitude despite how things might appear, the stronger your faith will become. With an increase in faith, you will be on your way to a much more balanced self.

3. Lose the negative circle. Nothing is more detrimental to a self-bank account than a negative circle of friends and family. Not everyone intends to deplete your account and bring your balance down, but this is why you have got to recognize when you are giving too much energy to drama or when you feel drained after talking with a person. If you are working to change your outlook and attitude towards things, you cannot allow others to impede your progress. Either get them on board, or deny them access. You've got a life to balance.

4. Just say "No." Overextending yourself will cause you to feel run down and when you are no good to yourself, you are no good to anyone else. It is OK to say "no" for the sake of maintaining your balance which means that you are making adequate deposits into the areas of your life that matter most. If someone cannot understand this, they care very little about you. Please revisit number 3 on the list. Cut 'em loose.

5. Ahhh, just relax. Learn to quiet your mind and get in control of your thoughts. Focus given to the hardship in your life is misplaced time, energy, and passion. This will create negative feelings that give way to panic and fear. Panic and fear will empty your account. Make a deposit with prayer or meditation. It will serve you well and set you on the path to physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Be encouraged.

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