Police/Fire/EMS for April 24, 2010

ALBANY -- Albany police responded to at least 40 incidents Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Entering auto on the 300 block of Moultrie Road and the 300 block of Mercer Avenue;

-- Cruelty to children on the 100 block of Force Drive;

-- Simple battery on the 1900 block of West Gordon Avenue;

-- Criminal trespass, bullet holes in the window of a bedroom on the 2000 West Broad Avenue;

-- Burglary on the 1200 block of East Roosevelt Avenue, the 1000 block of West Gordon Avenue, the 600 block of West Society Avenue and the 1600 block of East Broad Avenue;

-- Financial card fraud (family violence) on the 1200 block of Seventh Avenue;

-- Domestic violence on the 1100 block of West Lincoln Avenue, the 600 block Chippington Court and the 1900 block of Stuart Avenue;

-- Simple battery (family violence) on the 2400 block of Dawson Road.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County police responded to at least 28 calls, according to police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Family violence on the 2600 block of Lonesome Road;

-- Terroristc threats /simple assault against law enforcement officers at Liberty Expressway and mark Drive;

-- Theft of 12 gold coins worth $126 on the 2500 block of Big Oak Court;

-- Domestic violence (battery) on the 3700 block of Quail Hollow Road;

-- Traffic crash on the 1600 block of Liberty expressway;

-- Theft of $1.50 worth of newspapers on the 2300 block of Liberty Expressway.