Benson purchases tract of land

It's been several years since Mark Benson has lived or worked in the Albany area, but he's still got his hand in local development.

Benson is the former general manager of Pritchett Ford, now Ford Town of Albany. He's still in the car business running a Ford dealership in the Midwest.

Benson says he and Ben Barrow and John Reese have "finally" secured 100 percent ownership of the undeveloped land just north of Ford Town. It took four years to get the deal done, Benson said.

That land is available for development, Benson said.

KUBOTA: A Kubota small tractor dealership that will also offer lawn and garden equipment and other items will open soon on Gillionville Road just west of Westover Boulevard.

The site in the past was home for a Sears repair facility. Realtor Woody Watson said the dealership will be owned and operated by Dan and Clark Stallings.

HORSE SHOW: Dan Hammack of Hammack Farms in Edison has been busy the past few days getting ready for the 43rd annual Billie Lane-King Cotton Charity Horse show.

The event is sponsored by the Edison Lions Club and is scheduled at 3 p.m. on May 8.

Hammack said the show has been voted by the Georgia Walking Horse Association as the top horse show in Georgia.

Hammack said the King Cotton Horse Show actually began in 1939 in Edison. It soon moved to Albany because of the lack of overnight accommodations in Edison. The show ended when World War II started.

The show was revived 43 years ago in Edison and has remained there since. Hammack said one of the founders of the show was Dermont Shemwell, father of Bud Shemwell, who is a member of the Albany Sports Hall of Fame.

ANNUAL MEETING: Heritage Financial Group just sent stockholders notice that the company's annual stockholder meeting will be on May 19.

Shareholders will gather at Hilton Garden Inn at 10 a.m. for the meeting.

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