Albany man's dogs remain in group's custody

ALBANY, Ga. -- The owner of 21 impounded pit bull dogs must come up with at least $1,750 in room and board fees before he can claim his dogs from the Humane Society shelter.

The bill grows by $10 a day for each dog, said Donna Strickland, Humane Society executive director. She doesn't think the owner, Carey Culbert, will be able to pay the bill.

Culbert's listed phone number was no longer connected. He could not be reached for comment.

Strickland said she is sending Culbert a letter outlining the costs. She is also hoping that he will agree to allow the dogs to be adopted.

"The dogs were not malnourished," Strickland said, "but they were not kept in good conditions. This man might have been breeding them as fighting dogs."

Many of the dogs were attached to heavy chains that looked like chains used on boat anchors while kept in inhumane conditions, police reports stated.

Culbert has a May 27 court date to deal with citations of inhumane treatment, unsanitary conditions and failure to keep the dogs on updated rabies shots schedules, police reports said.

The Albany impounding came after a sweep of a possible dog-fighting ring in Dougherty and Worth counties put more than 100 dogs in the shelter and 14 people in jail.

If Culbert has any connection to any dog fighting rings it has not yet come to light, said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department spokeswoman.

The shelter is overburdened with animals and can used pet food, volunteers and donations, Strickland said. The shelter is at 1705 Oakridge Drive. The phone number is (229) 888-7387.