People have the tools to improve life

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Do you know what's in your toolbox?

Sometimes you have to use what you've got to create what you want.

We all have at least a couple of tools to work with, but often the problem is that we don't even know that they are there. Sometimes, though, the problem is more severe. That is, we know that they are there, but we don't know how to use them.

The problem with not knowing what tools you have or how to use them is that you place parameters or constraints on what you can create in your own life.

You might not recognize your tools as such. Maybe you don't believe that you have anything to work with. This belief is what confines you to your present state of being, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. You can be trapped within the box that you yourself created from self-doubt.

There is a quote by Benedict Spinoza that says, "So long as a man imagines that he cannot do this or that, so long is he determined not to do it; and consequently so long is it impossible to him that he should do it."

For whatever task that is put before you, in your possession is a tool to manage it. For whatever dream you have, you have the tools to turn them into reality. For whatever opportunity that comes, you are equipped with the tools to progress. If this were not true, you would not have been confronted with the task. It came so that you could recognize and learn to utilize your tools. The dream would not have entered your heart. You desire it because it is a part of your purpose.

Imagine for a moment that you were really physically trapped on the inside of a room made out of brick. There is a lid-like dark cover over the room. There are four walls and there is a door, but it only opens from the outside. There is a chair to sit in and a small shovel. The space is tight and you feel like the walls are caving in on you.

What are you going to do about it?

Go to your toolbox. You could use your ears to listen at the door to see if you heard voices of others who might be able to help you. You could use your voice to make a lot of noise so that someone might hear you. You could use your hands to check the wall for loose bricks. You could use the shovel to chip away at the brick. Or you could use your eyes to look up. You would see that the dark cover was only a plastic barrier to keep the rain out. You could use the chair to climb the wall, or you could wait until the roofers come to repair it and find you.

Think about what you would do in that situation. Now, think about what you are doing in your current situation.

Regardless of your specific obstacles and hurdles, whether in business or in your day-to-day, you have to evaluate and sometimes re-evaluate your approach. Pick the attitude you will have and identify your tools.

Don't let the walls of life close in on you. Use your tools. Knock them down.

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