APD, AFD respond to arson

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Albany Fire Department and the Albany Police Deparment investigated an arson incident Monday morning.

AFD Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose said firefighters responded to the 100 block of Lennox Street to find a vehicle burned severely.

The white 1997 Nissan Sentra that was parked at Westwood Apartments in front of apartment 147 was very badly damaged, firefighters said.

According to Ambrose, the passenger-side window had been broken by what investigators believe was a baseball bat that was found in the driver's seat of the vehicle.

"The headliners, the dashboard and doors, and the front passenger seat and the back passenger seat were destroyed by fire," said Ambrose during an interview with a Herald reporter.

The car also appeared to have been hot-wired at one time.

Investigators said evidence shows that two fires were started in the car in both the front passenger seat and the back passenger seat.

"It is still undetermined what it was that actually started the fires," said Ambrose. "The case is still under investigation."

Fire officials said that approximately $3,000 worth of damage was caused by the fire.

According to reports, the Nissan, which bears an Alabama license plate, had been towed from the apartment complex and then towed back to the location Sunday.

Investigators said it is still unclear who owns the vehicle, but that the fires were set on purpose.

"It was intentional," said Ambrose. "Someone meant for the car to burn."