Police identify suicide victim

ALBANY, Ga. -- A man apparently chose suicide over a ride home just before 7 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of Bayous bar, a Dougherty County Police Department report stated.

"Kevin Pelzeo reported that he was attempting to drive James McCorkle from the location, when McCorkle pulled a handgun from the glove box of the vehicle and shot himself in the head," the report stated.

McCorkle, 48, had been playing pool in Bayous bar, bar owner Ken Gillett said. A disagreement ensued, and McCorkle left the bar for his parked white Dodge Ram 2500 pickup.

Dougherty County Police, EMS and Coroner Emma Quimbley arrived at Bayous' 411 Philema Road address within minutes of the reported gunshot.

Quimbley pronounced McCorkle dead at the scene but did not say where his body would be taken for autopsy.

Noticeably shaken at the scene Tuesday, Pelzeo, 35, declined to talk about McCorkle's death after being questioned by police. Patrons leaving the bar also declined to comment.

McCorkle was a former employee of Albany Computer, its owner, Rick Godwin, said.

"He was a close personal friend of mine, and I'd rather not do the media thing," Godwin said. "His wife is having a difficult time with this."

No further information from law enforcement or McCorkle's friends and family was available.