Speed a factor in deadly crash

LEESBURG, Ga. -- A crash that killed three people Sunday night is prompting Georgia state troopers to remind drivers to be mindful of their speed on roadways.

Sgt. Shawn Urquhart told The Albany Herald Monday that the crash that killed Mead Cothren, Matthew Weeks and Richard Bailey occurred with such force that Cothren and Weeks were ejected from the vehicle. While unverified, Urqhart says they likely weren't wearing seat belts.

Urquhart says that Bailey, who worked at Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany, was traveling north on U.S. Highway19 toward Leesburg when he was struck by a red Kia Sephia at Creekside Drive.

The teens were taken to local hospitals, but both died from their injuries later in the night.

While the crash is still under investigation, Urquhart urged motorists to slow down and to be aware of their speed when out on the roadways.

"It's something that a lot of people don't pay enough attention to, but speed is a major contributor to crashes, injuries and deaths," she said. "People think it's OK to go 10 miles over the limit, but even that, depending on conditions, can be dangerous."

"Just slow down and pay attention to what you're doing."