Crouch keeps meals rolling

Photo by Barry Levine

Photo by Barry Levine

ALBANY -- Lucille Crouch, Meals on Wheels Coordinator for the SOWEGA Council on Aging, said her job is not one that she does because of the pay, but because she loves her work.

"I just love it," Crouch said of her job. "I know we are helping people once a day, five days a week by delivering hot meals."

This passion for her work is what led Crouch to be named the Older Worker of the Year for Georgia's Southwest region said Sue Corbin, Public Relations for the SOWEGA Council on Aging.

At 79-years-old, Crouch is older than some of the people who benefit from the Meals on Wheels program but says that her love for the program will keep her working for many years to come.

"I know we see and hear about all the bad things that are happening but with Meals on Wheels, but then you come to work and see all of this good stuff," said the older worker.

Crouch has been working as the Meals on Wheels coordinator for the SOWEGA Council on Aging since 1973.

"She is just fantastic at her job," Corbin said. "She is always smiling and willing to go above and beyond what is required to help the people Meals on Wheels serves. She is the epitome of what a worker should be."

Crouch said the volunteers who deliver the meals to the home-bound elderly in the community keep her optimistic.

"They are my inspiration," she said. "All of our volunteers are marvelous and this honor is not about me, but about them. They show up every day and deliver hundreds of meals throughout the community."

As the coordinator for Meals on Wheels, Crouch is in charge of scheduling the volunteers who deliver the meals and making sure the meals are packaged securely and delivered on time.

J.R.'s Loving Care was chosen as the Employer of the Year for Older Workers because of their dedication in hiring people 55 and older.