Suspected murder-suicides connected

SYLVESTER -- Two couples killed in two recent murder-suicides were related through marriage.

Bill and Sarah Miller were found dead of a suspected murder-suicide on Saturday. Another suspected murder-suicide occured on July 21 in Fort Ganies and involved Ronald Cox and his wife Bobbie.

A comparison of records shows that Bill and Sarah Miller's son Matt is the husband of Bobbie Cox's daughter Denise.

All four died in what GBI agents have said were likely murder-suicides. Bill Miller was 68 years old and his wife was 66. Ronald Cox was 65 years old and his wife was 68.

The Millers' bodies were found by a family member Saturday, GBI Assistant Special-Agent-In-Charge Mark Pro said. While their bodies have been taken to a crime lab for autopsy, Pro said that their deaths were likely a murder-suicide.

Their deaths come less than a month after the Coxes were found shot to death at a vacation home in Fort Gaines July 21. Police officials also ruled that a murder-suicide.

Miller, a business owner, served 18 years on the Albany City Commission and is the namesake of the Bill Miller Community Center.

Authorities say he shot and killed his wife, before killing himself.