Radio station, club team for 'Fancy Fridays'

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- Starting tonight, Club Hollywood's getting fancy on Friday nights.

Some of the top names from local hip-hop/R&B radio station Power 105.5 and Can't Mis Can't Looz Marketing and Productions will bring a unique multimedia approach to "Fancy Fridays," which will be held for the next 11 weeks at Club Hollywood at 725 C East Broad Ave. Not only will partiers get to watch Albany's No. 1 urban DJ, Jammin' Jay, do his show live at the club, they'll have an opportunity to relive the experience a short while later on local Fox TV affiliate WFXL.

"Nobody's doing this kind of thing here," Power 105.5 marketing executive Kynard McCray said of the Fancy Fridays concept. "Radio stations in larger cities like Atlanta and Tallahassee are broadcasting live from the clubs, but it's not being done here. We're about to change all that."

The almost three months of Fancy Fridays will kick off tonight with Jammin' Jay spinning the latest hits and live performances by local urban artists the CEOs, featuring Redzo, and Black Boi, featuring Scolly Ball.

"We'll do Fancy Fridays each of the next 11 Friday nights, but on the first Friday of each month we'll have live performances," McCray said. "We'll bring local and national artists to Club Hollywood."

Jay will spin the hottest hip-hop and R&B tunes live for his radio audience as well as the partiers in the club continuously from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

"When we go off the air, we're going to get krunk after-hours," Power 105.5 sales manager Todd Burnett, who is one of Fancy Fridays' producers, said.

Co-sponsored by Dats Wassup Fashions and Jazzy's, both of which will give away some of the latest fashions to lucky clubgoers, Fancy Fridays will feature food from Eric's Specialty Wings on Highland and an appearance by the Power 105.5 "Power Girls."

Burnett, meanwhile, will shoot video footage that will be used for the Fox 31 "Street Beatz Video Mix" show, which will kick off its second season in late December.

"The (TV) audience has been very receptive to the show," Burnett, who made his way south to Albany from Detroit, said of "Street Beatz." "What Jay does is take the video footage and mix it seamlessly like DJs do audio. It's amazing what he does.

"We're taking Jay's concept and, through Unity Entertainment, producing a series of shows that will be shown locally, on the Detroit Fox TV affiliate in the spring and in Orlando (Fla.) in the summer. We're also developing a Latino 'Street Beatz' for South Florida."

Jay, who's put his own unique spin on audio tracks in the Good Life City throughout his radio career, said he started doing the video mixes for fun.

"It was just something different, something to set me apart," he said. "I was watching MTV one night, and I said 'everyone's doing audio mixes, but no one's doing video.' I started putting together 15-minute video segments, and I had a DJ friend see what I was doing and say, 'Wow, you need to take that to the club.'

"It's something I've been doing for about five years now, but I'd never really thought about trying to make money from it."

McCray said Power 105.5 plans to continue the Fancy Fridays concept, perhaps at different venues, if the initial series goes well.

"With the Power 105.5 people involved, you've got state-of-the-art entertainment put on by a top-notch staff," he said. "It's going to be a fun event ... what you'd expect from this station.

"When Jammin' Jay and (host) Island Boy Dra team up, you know it's going to be a heck of a program."

Ladies get in free until midnight for Fancy Fridays, while guys pay a $5 cover charge.