Police/Fire/EMS Dec. 7, 2010

ALBANY -- The Albany Police Department responded to at least 48 incidents Saturday and Sunday, available records indicate. The reports included:

-- Domestic violence (unfounded) on the 1300 block of South Madison Street and on the 1100 block of East Third Avenue;

-- Domestic dispute on the 700 block of West Lincoln Avenue;

-- Assault on the 800 block of Don Cutler Drive and at 88 Dobbs Drive;

-- Threats and acts on the 200 block of Coves Court;

-- Simple battery, domestic violence on the 300 block of Sunset Lane;

-- Violation of a family order on the 1900 block of Buck Drive;

-- Probation violation on the 1500 block of Radium Springs Road;

-- Disorderly conduct on the 600 block of South Madison Street;

-- Unruly juvenile on the 600 block of 11th Avenue;

-- Aggravated assault on the 1400 block of East First Avenue;

-- Battery on the 300 block of Pine Avenue;

-- Theft by taking on the 2200 block of Toledo Drive and on the 2600 block of Dawson Road;

-- Burglary on the 2000 block of Tompkins Avenue and on the 300 block of Carriage Lane;

-- Terroristic threats and acts, assault on the 200 block of Adelyn Road;

-- Criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree on the 700 block of South Slappey Boulevard and on the 1100 block of Clark Avenue;

-- Entering auto on the 600 block of Sands Drive and on the 300 block of West Residence Avenue;

-- Criminal trespass on the 900 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard and on the 2300 block of Greenleaf Court;

-- Disorderly conduct on the 900 block of West Broad Avenue and on the 600 block of Holland Drive;

-- Obstructing law enforcement on the 300 block of West Highland Avenue;

-- Simple battery on the 1000 block of West Second Avenue;

-- Theft by shoplifting on the 2800 block of Nottingham Way and on the 2300 block of North Slappey Boulevard;

-- Driving while unlicensed on the 500 block of Blaylock Street;

-- Damage to a mailbox on the 3100 block of Harvest Lane.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: The Dougherty County Police Department responded to seven calls Sunday evening. The incidents included that of a verbal altercation between a mother and a daughter on the 2600 block of Radium Springs Road. No action was taken.

ALBANY FIRE: The Albany Fire Department responded to 21 calls Saturday and Sunday. The reports included structural fires, cooking fires, a trash fire and a grass fire.

DOUGHERTY EMS: Dougherty EMS responded to 49 calls Sunday. Of those, there were 33 medical calls, 11 trauma calls and five "other" calls. The medical calls included two for chest pain, five for respiratory issues, four for diabetic issues, one for a seizure, two for OB/labor related incidents, three miscellaneous pain calls and 16 various medical calls.

The 11 trauma calls consisted of four auto accident victims, four falls, two fights and one eye injury. The "other" calls included one back-up call, two stand-by calls for AFD and two no patient contact calls.