Explosives found at MCLB-Albany inert

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Composition-4 plastic explosive on board a Humvee parked near the Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany Friday proved to be inactive, a base news release stated on Tuesday.

Officials at the base found the explosives at 5:25 p.m. Friday in a Humvee that had returned from overseas operations, said First Lt. Kyle Thomas base spokesman.

"Under the conditions in which the explosive was found there was no indication the material was a danger to anyone or in danger of exploding," Thomas said. "The C-4 was two inches by six inches and wrapped in dark green tape. This size is commonly used by troops to detonate enemy explosives, destroy arms caches or to breach small openings such as doorways and windows."

In order to explode, certain conditions must be met, Thomas said. Heat and pressure must be simultaneously applied. If the proper equipment is used, an electrical charge can also detonate the C-4, he added.

"None of this equipment was found with the material," Thomas said. "Neither was any other equipment that could have been used to detonate the material."

Marine officials are continuing to investigate the case.