Arrested woman goes combative in patrol car

ALBANY, Ga. -- A woman placed in police custody slipped a handcuff off a hand to attack the arresting officer in his patrol car, said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department spokeswoman.

An officer responded to a call about 4 p.m. Wednesday about a woman standing in the streets asked for money from drivers in the Davis Street and Gordon Avenue area. "Adel Johnson became irate when an officer asked her to stop and would not stop," Banks said. "The officer placed her in handcuffs and put her in the back seat of his vehicle."

By the time the officer drove to the intersection of Madison Street and Oglethorpe Boulevard on the way to the Dougherty County Jail, Johnson, 23, slipped her right hand out of the cuffs, Banks said.

Johnson opened the plastic partition to the patrol car driver's seat and began to grab the officer, Banks said. Fearing a crash, the officer responded by pulling over at Cleve Wester's Tire Mart parking lot.

The officer called on his radio for help and wrestled the enraged woman to the ground while waiting for aid. Several officers responded and Johnson was taken back into custody.

Johnson is in the county jail in lieu of $1,000 bond on a loitering charge, said a jail spokeswoman. Johnson has no bail set on two counts of obstructing a police officer, a felony escape charge and two simple battery charges, she added.