Teacher writer to reach women

Photo by Terry Lewis

Photo by Terry Lewis

ALBANY, Ga. -- As a writer of Christian fiction, Victoria Green has a simple message for her readers -- don't let life shake the foundation of your faith.

Green, an economics teacher at Albany High School, has recently completed her second book, "When The Choice Is My Own," published by Eloquent and Strategic Books.

"The main character in the story is named Marielle," Green said. "She's a devout Christian and very successful. She's had lots of men in her life and the relationships have not ended well.

"A co-worker suggests she consider having a same-sex relationship. Marielle wanes on her prayers and begins to open up to the idea. She's not sure how God will feel about it, but decides to see how it turns out."

Green said the book is a reflection on what is happening in the African-American community today.

"The idea for the book is rooted in today's real world," Green said. "We hear a lot about a shortage of African-American men and I saw a movie based upon that theme and things came together from there."

Green added that the book is not just for woman. Men, she said, can also gain some insight from reading it.

"A man reading the book might be able to see the rationale why some women pursue a same-sex relationship," the author said. "Today, same-sex relationships are kind of a fad. The guys today are in such demand that they think they can be shared."

The book took Green more than a year to write and she says its message is simple.

"There are time when you are hurting and at a vulnerable time," Green said. "But you have to remain strong in your faith and guard your heart. Rely more on your faith.

"No matter how upstanding you are, we are all vulnerable to temptation at times."

Green is currently working on a third novel, "Now Where is Her Mother?"

"It's a book on maternal advice for young mothers," she said. "Many young women today don't have strong female role models for support. I hope this new book can help them."

Green's current book is available at Family Christian Book Store on Broad Avenue, online retailers and directly from the author. Sometime early next year, she plans to have a book signing at Books A Million.

Green may be contacted at triplevpress@yahoo.com.