Man arrested for $100,000 fraud

Investigators arrested one man for running a fraudulent scheme that took the state for more than $100,000, stated a law enforcement official.

M. Kumar Patel was arrested at the Downtown Eatery at 701 N. Jefferson St. Today.

"He is on his way to the Dougherty County Jail," said Greg Edwards, district attorney.

The scheme Patel ran from his father's convenience store/restaurant involved the state's Electronic Benefit Transfer system, Edwards said. The EBT cards are meant for low-income residents to use in buying groceries and medical supplies.

Edwards said that someone with e EBT card could go in the store and get cash while supposedly buying groceries. The state would be charged for say $100 in groceries on the card. Patel would then give the person with the card $60 in cash and keep $40, he added.

The case remains under investigation. More people could be charged and other charges could be added. Edwards said.