Sowega Council, Rotary bring Christmas cheer

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

The Sowega Council on Aging and members of Dougherty Rotary Club have joined forces to purchase and deliver gifts for elderly people who are ill, isolated, or unable to leave their homes in a project known as Santa for Seniors.

Staff members of the Sowega Council on Aging were asked to nominate elderly people based on need and determine their needs.

"We just asked the staff if they knew of someone...and they went to them and asked them [what they need]", says Kay Hind, director of the Sowega Council on Aging.

Hind also explains that because most of those receiving gifts are unable to leave their homes, the gifts are delivered to their doors.

"But some of them are very sick or even frightened [to have visitors]," Hind says, so the recipients were contacted prior to the delivery in order to make them more comfortable.

This was the third annual Santa for Seniors project, and, according to Hind, "We've got about twice as many as last year. We've got about 40 to 42 [recipients] this year."

The project is funded entirely by donations. Hind, explains that her organization is "delighted to work with the Rotary Club to help older people at Christmas time."