APD: Deputy Chief Scott takes on interim duties

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

ALBANY, Ga. -- Deputy Chief Mark Scott assumed additional duties as head of the Albany Police Department's Criminal Investigation Bureau Tuesday, according to an Albany Police Department official.

Because Deputy Chief Wilma Griffin retired from the department on Dec. 10, leaving the position open, Scott was appointed by Chief John Proctor as interim investigations deputy chief, police spokeswoman Phyllis Banks said. Proctor can hire from outside the department or promote from within to fill the position on a permanent basis.

"He (Scott) remains in charge of support services, but with the addition of the investigations bureau he has taken on a lot more," Banks said.

In his position as deputy chief of support services, Scott oversees operations involving officer training, the front desk, maintenance, records and more. With the addition of the investigations staff, he will also oversee personal and property crime units and all investigations, including homicide and other criminal activity.

Scott is well-known among residents for his work as an instructor with the Citizen's Police Academy and the gun safety programs offered by the department.

The additional work is not a promotion, Scott said. He added that his police career track has given him the experience to handle both positions. Prior to coming to Albany, Scott was a police captain in Thomasville.

"I've been involved with investigations as well as support in Thomasville," Scott said. "Wilma (Griffin) left a well-run operating bureau. It is my job to step in and make sure things keep moving forward. I don't see any issues arising."