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Police/Fire/EMS - December 30, 2010

ALBANY -- Albany police responded to at least 38 incidents Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday, according to available police reports. According to reports Police responded to incidents including:

-- Albany police arrested Joseph Stubbs, 22, and Daryl Taylor, 29, in connection with the Tuesday theft of four scissor lift platform machines valued at $20,000 from the McKenzie Underwood business at 105 Georgia Power Road. Both men are charged with burglary, said Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman.

-- Theft by taking, while mowing his lawn a resident on the 2300 block of Hoover Street noticed a portion of his fence was missing;

-- Criminal damage to an air conditioner on the 900 block of West Highland Avenue;

-- Aggravated assault, four or five men assaulted another man in a robbery attempt on the 1100 block of West Highland Avenue;

-- Entering auto on the 600 block of Westover Boulevard and the 2500 block of North Slappey Boulevard;

-- Missing person on the 1700 block of South Jackson Street;

-- Recovered property, a woman found ammunition in her residence on the first block of Morningside Drive;

-- Burglary on the 800 block of Cameo Lane, the 1300 block of South Mock Road, the 600 block of West Mercer Avenue and the 100 block of Georgia Power Road.

-- Injured juvenile on the 1000 block of Don Cutler Sr. Drive;

-- Statutory Rape on the 1300 block of Hobson Street;

-- Motor vehicle theft on the 800 block of South Monroe Street;

-- Domestic (unfounded) on the 2400 block of Beachview Drive, the 600 block of North Cleveland Street, the 2200 block of Clark Avenue, the 1500 block of Cromartie Beach Drive, the 900 block of Holloway Avenue and the 900 block of Lippitt Drive;

-- Assault (family violence) on the 2700 block of Yorktown Avenue;

-- Simple battery (domestic) on the 600 block of Cotton Avenue;

-- Simple battery (family violence) on the 1300 block of Whitney Avenue;

-- Simple battery, criminal trespass (family violence) on the 900 block of Madison Street.

ALBANY FIRE: Albany firefighters responded to 21 calls, including five grass fires, two activated alarms, one trash fire, a trash fire that spread to others lots and a storage building, two electrical shorts, rescue cat from tree, storage building fire, brush fire, smoke from a barbecue grill, a woods fire, a brush and grass fire, unattended cooking, a child playing with matches ignited a residence's bedroom and closet leading to $6,000 in damages.

-- Compiled by Pete Skiba