DCPD officers to pay respects in Marietta

ALBANY, Ga. -- In a sad week for the law enforcement community and law-abiding residents, officers mourn two of their number killed in the line of duty.

The community sworn to protect and serve turned out in Albany by the hundreds to honor Dougherty County Police Department Lt. Cliff Rouse who was cut down in the line of duty Dec. 23.

Georgia State Trooper Chadwick LeCroy was fatally shot while on duty Monday night in Atlanta. On Saturday, three Dougherty County police officers plan to attend his funeral in Marietta.

Representing their colleagues will be Cpl. Stewart Williamson and officers George Camp Jr. and Aaron Simpson.

"These men asked if they could go to the funeral. We are sending two cars to take part," said Dougherty Police Chief Don Cheek. "Law enforcement is one big family. We are all in this together and we try to come together and support each other in times like this."