Rosen out as Civic Center chief

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- The person deemed by city officials as the best-qualified candidate to become the next Albany Civic Center director will not get the position after all.

City officials announced Thursday that talks with Lane Rosen, manager/partner of the downtown State Theatre, had fallen through.

In an e-mail announcement Thursday afternoon that was first reported on albanyherald.com, Assistant City Manager Wes Smith stated: "Negotiations with the announced most qualified Civic Center Director candidate have not proved fruitful. The City Manager is now determining his next step in the process of filling the position."

Contacted by phone for further details, Smith declined to elaborate on the e-mail.

"I'm not going to talk about it as a courtesy to him," he said. "I'm sorry (it didn't work out) and we need to move on."

While it is not clear what city officials will do next, Smith indicated that they may re-open discussion with another candidate.

"There has been no specific determination made," the assistant city manager said.

When asked to comment on why he felt the negotiations had failed, Rosen replied by asking Albanians: "Do you think this is a good time to negotiate with the city?

"It is very challenging to deal with the city at this point."

There had been speculation that Rosen was reluctant to give up his interest in the State Theatre, to which he responded by saying he was not ready to make any further comment until he had time to gather his thoughts.

Rosen was the second person to be selected to take the job who fell through. The previous choice was Shannon McCullough, director of operations at the Classic Center in Athens.

The position has been vacant since the Civic Center's former director, John Mazzola, left earlier this year to take a job in Dodge City, Kansas.

He was named to manage facilities at Dodge City/Ford County for Global Entertainment of Tempe, Ariz.