APD ends revelers' good time

ALBANY -- Some Albany party animals got a little too wild in their late night revelry at some local hotspots Saturday night and early Sunday morning, according to Albany Police Department incident reports.

At One Trick Pony, a country and western club at 2538 Dawson Road, two men were caught by Albany police literally with their pants down.

According to reports, around 12:49 a.m. Sunday Chris Nicholas was urinating in the parking lot of One Trick Pony when he was spotted by an officer patrolling the area.

Around 2:22 a.m., another man, Matthew Tucker, was also seen urinating in parking lot.

The officer issued both men a citation for defecation in public.

Also at the country western club, Holly Beaty was arrested for having two open containers in the parking lot.

According to reports, Beaty was sitting in the front passenger seat of a vehicle in the club's parking lot with two glass bottles of Bud Light beer on the floorboard in between her legs.

The officer saw that both the beers had their bottle caps removed and were mostly full.

When questioned, the report said that Beaty admitted to the beers containing alcohol and both were poured out in front of the officer.

Around 1 a.m at The Crowbar on 717 N. Westover Blvd., security officers with the bar noticed a underage man trying to sneak a sip of alcohol.

Police reports indicate that Crowbar security called APD after watching Charles Burnfin, who was under the legal age to drink, down a shot of jagermeister while at a table with older friends.

Security told police that alcohol was in the drink when Burnfin consumed it. According to police reports, Burnfin received a citation for underage consumption of alcohol.

Mary Ann Henderson, a bartender at the Crowbar, said the staff and security at the bar take underage drinking seriously.

"The legal age to drink is 21," she said in a phone interview Monday. "We want everybody to have a good time, but we don't want you to push our rules."

Henderson said all bartenders and security look out for any signs a minor may be consuming alcohol illegally.

"We do not tolerate that," she said. "Our patrons are grown and need to know that we won't bend the law."

At Carmike Wynnsong Cinema 16 at 2823 Nottingham Way Sunday afternoon, a group of juveniles were busted by police for smoking a joint in the parking lot of the cinema.

Police reports indicate that an officer patrolling the area spotted the group smoking and pulled them over to investigate.

The juveniles were arrested for possession of marijuana.