Brothers arrested for trafficking

Photo by Avan Clark

Photo by Avan Clark

ALBANY -- Two brothers from Camilla were arrested Friday evening after agents with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit discovered more than 10 pounds of marijuana stored in their truck, said ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry.

Berry said Curtis Bernard Donaldson, 29, was charged with marijuana trafficking, driving with a suspended license, improper backing and a DUI that is pending. His brother Patrick James Donaldson, 24, was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

ADDU agents seized 10 pounds of marijuana that was compressed into blocks and had a street value of $46,000. Agents also took $3,923 in currency from the suspect's white 2004 Chevrolet Silverado that was also seized by ADDU.

"We have been working on this case for approximately a week," said Berry. "We had some information about some possible drug trafficking suspects and we found out that they were not from Albany."

Berry said ADDU worked with Mitchell County drug agents and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to identify the men they had been tracking.

"The three agencies sat down and talked about all the information that we had," he said. "From there we got the suspect's correct information."

Around 5:55 p.m. Friday, ADDU agents spotted the two suspects at the Subway restaurant at 1627 Liberty Expressway.

Berry said several ADDU officers converged on the vehicle that was parked and boxed the suspects in.

"Our officers went to stop them and they backed up and hit the officer's vehicle that was behind them," he said. "Then they tried to move forward and hit another officer."

Curtis Donaldson was the driver of the truck and officers suspect that he could have been drunk while operating the vehicle.

Berry said ADDU's vehicles did not suffer much damage from Donaldson's truck and that the tactic saved the agency from a possible car chase.

"I would rather they banged up a bumper than having to start a car chase on the Expressway," he said.

Once the suspects realized they were not going to be able to evade officers by vehicle they got out of the truck and fled on foot.

"They bailed out and ran," said Berry. "The officers never lost sight of them and the chase only lasted about a block."

When they searched Donaldson's Silverado, ADDU agents found black trash bags containing 4,600 grams of marijuana that were compressed into blocks, something Berry said was unusual for this area.

"This (marijuana) did not come from East Albany," he said. "This is not what we see in this area. This is the first time I've seen it this shape in a long time."

Berry said the marijuana was probably from out-of-state or from across the border in Mexico. The ADDU commander said marijuana usually is packaged in blocks to make transport easier and is not commonly used for street deals.

"That (the blocks of marijuana) could fit into a briefcase," he said. "It would be easy to disguise that way."

Berry said the Donaldson brothers were probably dropping off the large quantity of marijuana to area drug dealers that would divide the marijuana into smaller pieces to sell.

Some of the marijuana had already been cut off and was in a separate baggy in the vehicle, he said.

"They possibly had already sold some before we got to them," he said of the suspects.

Other items found in the vehicle were a Taser and $3,923 in cash.

"This bust put a small dent in the trade for the weekend," said Berry. "It is a pretty substantial bust."

The ADDU Commander said marijuana is the No. 1 drug found in Albany and ADDU expects to see more busts like the one on Friday.

"What we are seeing is that time of year," he said. "The marijuana harvest is in and home growers are still manufacturing."

Berry said drug dealers are also carrying more quantities of marijuana.

"Almost every month we see one at 10 pounds," he said.

Both of the Donaldson brothers are currently being held at the Dougherty County Jail.